What to do first?

Give us a call on 9744 2201

You can speak to one of our physiotherapists, Tim Neville who will help you in determining your best option. If you know who you want to see then we can assist you in making a prompt appointment with one of our physiotherapists, sports physicians or orthopaedic surgeons. Often some shoulder problems require an urgent surgical consultation and where possible we can assist in making a same day appointment at one of our clinics.

For many people it is often difficult to know what type of shoulder practitioner you need. Occasionally it may be that you have a problem that is not appropriate to our clinic.

One of the things that makes our clinic different is that we spend time at the start of the process in determining if our clinic is suitable to your needs and if so what the initial shoulder care should be.

This phone review is provided without obligation to the clinic and with no fee involved. Whilst we cannot diagnose your problem over the phone, our experience allows us to help determine what your best initial assessment option should be.

The Sydney Shoulder Clinic is the largest multi-practitioner shoulder service in Sydney. We have five orthopaedic surgeons, three physicians and  physiotherapists who have extensive experience in the management of shoulder problems. On our team page you can review what our practitioners offer.

Primarily the clinic deals with problems that arise from the shoulder joint. There are many types of shoulder problems with the most common problem being pain. However problems of stability or shoulder stiffness are very common. Shoulder problems can affect people of all ages, from adolescence to the elderly.

Often the cause of a shoulder problem is not related to an accident. Many people attend for shoulder care not knowing why they have a problem. Have a look at our shoulder conditions page for information regarding the many different types of shoulder problems that we see as well as the treatment options commonly used.