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We appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your shoulder complaint.

If you prefer to phone, please call us on 9744 2201 and ask for Tim Neville Physiotherapist. If available he will speak to you at the time of your call or phone you back usually on the same day. Alternatively, complete the form below, and we will phone you to discuss in general terms where you should start with your shoulder complaint.

While it is not essential, to make your initial phone contact more beneficial, it would assist us if you included the following information:

  • Your Age
  • Your Occupation
  • Which shoulder do you require care for? (left or right)
  • Which hand do you use to write? (left or right)
  • What caused your shoulder pain? (e.g. accident or don’t know)
  • Has your pain been present for longer than three months?
  • Do you wake at night with shoulder pain?
  • Do you have neck pain?
  • Is your pain in your shoulder blade or in your¬†shoulder?
  • Has your shoulder ever¬†dislocated?
  • Do you know who you wish to see? (Physiotherapist, Sports Physician, Orthopaedic Surgeon)

If you are uncertain as to who you should consult initially, then please phone Tim Neville Physiotherapist,
on 9744 2201 to discuss your assessment options.