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Sydney Shoulder Clinic is a professional association of Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine Doctors and Shoulder Surgeons with a special interest in shoulder pain and problems with shoulder movement. Our team of Sydney based shoulder specialists are available for consultation at 4 Orthosports locations around Sydney. If you have a shoulder problem and are unsure where to start, please call Tim Neville Physiotherapist on 9744 2201. If you know who you want to see then we can assist you in making a prompt appointment with one of our Physiotherapists, Sports Physicians or Orthopaedic surgeons.

Often some shoulder problems require an urgent surgical consultation and where possible we can assist in making a same day appointment at one of our clinics.

Whether you need shoulder physiotherapy from a physiotherapist with a special interest in shoulder pain or you need one of our Specialist Shoulder Surgeons or Sports Medicine Doctors, we have options for you.