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the Sydney Shoulder Clinic

Obligation free phone advice. Please call on 9744 2201.

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Sydney Shoulder Clinic is a professional association of Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine Doctors and Shoulder Surgeons with a special interest in shoulder pain and problems with shoulder movement. Our team of Sydney based shoulder specialists are available for consultation at 4 Orthosports locations around Sydney. Often some shoulder problems require an urgent surgical consultation and where possible we can assist in making a same day appointment at one of our clinics.

If you have a shoulder problem and are unsure where to start, please call Tim Neville Physiotherapist on 9744 2201. This phone review will help to determine if you need to see a specialist doctor or a physiotherapist. This service is free, without obligation and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

In addition to this free service, telehealth is available with Tim Neville, Physiotherapist. The telehealth option is a fee – based service. Appointments are for up to 30 minutes.

If you require advice about your shoulder, this may be your starting point. Telehealth review is an option for general advice but is limited diagnostically. Having said this, telehealth consultation is useful when you need to understand in depth how the shoulder works and the treatment options that are available.

Whether you need shoulder physiotherapy from a physiotherapist with a special interest in shoulder pain or you need one of our Specialist Shoulder Surgeons or Sports Medicine Doctors, we have options for you.