Welcome to the Sydney Shoulder Clinic

The Sydney Shoulder Clinic is a specialist shoulder service providing clinical care in physiotherapy, sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery.

What makes us different is that we are a one stop shoulder shop.  What makes us unique is that we offer treatment on three levels of co-ordinated care - physiotherapy, sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery.

All you need to do is, call and speak with one of our physiotherapists who will assist you in determining what may be the best course of treatment - whether it be physiotherapy first or alternatively visiting one of our sports physicians or orthopaedic surgeons.

Each Sydney Shoulder Clinic practitioner has extensive experience in treating shoulder injuries. So please call anytime and we can discuss your shoulder problem and arrange the most appropriate consultation for you at our Concord, Hurstville or Randwick offices.

We are a subgroup of the Orthosports orthopaedic group. Orthosports is a a team of dedicated orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians and physiotherapists.  We offer comprehensive care with sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and x-ray onsite at Randwick, Concord and Hurstville. Physiotherapy services are available at Concord.

22-01-10 Dr Todd Gothelf A Profile
Dr Todd Gothelf Consulting at Penrith,Concord and Randwick
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